doctors team

KMCT Ayurveda Hospital’s Casualty dept provides Ayurveda treatments to the patients who come to the hospital without advance appointments- either by their own means or by that of an ambulance. The dept is situated in the ground floor of the hospital building. A two –bedded emergency care department with excellent facilities, 24*7 ambulance service and ambulance control room make the KMCT casualty dept praiseworthy. WORKING HOURS: 24 *7[365 Days]
Dr.Ambujam C.P ( B.A.M.)
Deputy Medical Officer
Dr. Princy P (B.A.M.S)
Resident Medical Officer
Dr. Aiswarya (B.A.M.S)
Resident Medical Officer
  • Treatment room for minor dressings
  • Fractures / Dislocation management
  • General medicine practice
  • Pathology sample collection room
  • Pathology department
  • Wheel chair, Trolley facilities are provided on request
  • Pharmacy
  • Ambulance service


  1.                  Staff Nurses
  2.                 Assistants- Nurses
  3.                  Attenders