Department Of Prasuthitanthra And Sthreeroga

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Prasuthitanthra deals with pregnancy, labour and puerperium including preconception care. It focuses on measures to maintain a healthy pregnancy, management of various ailments affecting the pregnant woman, care during delivery and post natal care. Sthreeroga deals with various gynecological disorders affecting the woman in her different stages of life (menarche to menopause). Management of these disorders with ayurvedic medicines along with various gynecological procedures like medicinal tampons etc. give complete cure & prevention .
Dr.Aswathy Sara Varghese(BAMS,MS Prasutitantra)
Assistant Professor-Dept. of Prasutitantra)
Dr. Apila Nath .(BAMS,MS Prasutitantra)
Assistant Professor-Dept. of Prasutitantra

Treatment of all gynaecological disorders irrespective of the age
 Special treatment for PCOS, Pelvic inflammatory diseases, menstrual abnormalities etc.
 Postnatal care
 Infertility clinic

OPD mainly focuses on the following:
 Conducts health awareness class for women at various colleges and school
 Conducts speciality medical camps on infertility, PCOS