Department Of Salyatantra

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The ancient surgeon “Susrutha” developed a surgical procedure as “salyatantra” in the ‘Ayurvedic system of medicine’. The department of Salyatantra not only deals with the fractures and dislocation, but also with the diseases of bones, joints and allied matters. KMCT Ayurveda Hospital has a well developed Salyatantra department with eminent and efficient staff. The department of Salyatantra is a fully fledged one with ancient and modern equipments for conducting treatment procedures such as reduction of fractures and dislocations, massage, pizhichil, dhara etc. In addition,, the ancient treatment procedures like avaghaham, prachana, bloodletting, siravyedha, application of leech are also conducting in the department with more care and accuracy. These procedures are highly beneficial for blood borne diseases (raktadhoosya) and related diseases. These are the treatment procedures without toxic effects or side effects.
Dr. P. V. Musthafa Kamal (BAM, MD in Salyatantra)
Dr. Najeeb T K (BAMS, MS in Salyatantra )
Associate professor-Dept. of Salyatantra
Dr.Aswathy K (BAMS, MD in Salyatantra)
Assistant Professor-Dept. of Salyatantra