Department Of Swasthavaritha

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Ayurveda- the science of life- always tries to protect the health of the individuals in good physical shape. This branch of Ayurveda-Swasthavritha (Preventive and social medicine) dept- deals with avoidance and control of ailments and brings health awareness.
Dr. Suresh VS (BAMS, MD in Swasthavritha)
Associate professor-Dept. of Swasthavritha
Dr.Sijna V .P (BAMS, MD in Swasthavritha)
Assistant professor-Dept. of Swasthavritha
Dr Nayana T M (BNYS)
Yoga Instructor

 Provides life style disease management and reverse programmes
o Diabetic reverse treatments
o Hypertension Management
o Obesity Management
o Cardiovascular disease management
 Provides prevention and rehabilitation of infectious and chronic diseases
 Provides prevention and control of occupational diseases
 Preventive geriatrics (old age problems)
 Rejuvenation programmes
 Yoga and Naturopathy
 Therapeutic yoga programmes for
o Life style disorders like obesity,
o hypertension etc.
o Gynaecological and obstetric disorders
o Endocrinal disorders
o Stress Management