Special Treatments


Anal fistula is an extra tubular way begging from the  interior of anal canal/ rectum  to the surface near anus. One opening of fistula is inside the anus or rectum and another opening is on the skin surface around the anus. A tube like structure (fistula track) connects them. Ancient Ayurveda surgeon Sushruta has described five types of bhagandara namely sataponaka, ushtragreeva, parisravi, shambukavarta, and unmargi. They have been classified according to shape and site of fistula tract.


  • Pain
  • Discharge[either bloody or purulent]
  • Pruritis ani[itching around anus]


We treat fistula with ksharasootra seton thread medicated with organic alkalies or kshara karma (application of special alkaline medical paste).

Kshara sootra is aston thread medicated with organic alkalies such as Apamarga, Arka kshara, and Snuhi kshara. The mechanical action of the thread and chemical action of drugs collectively do the work of cutting, curetting, draining and cleaning the fistulous track( as a result, promoting, healing of track or wound). This also acts both as antiseptic and fibrotic agent to induce healing.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Calicut for Fistula


  • It is simple, safe, and painless.
  • It is just 30 min OT ambulatory process.
  • No major surgical incision or excision is required.
  • Patient can maintain his/her regular life style or routine work.
  • Very high success rate (95%-98%) has been reported.
  • Cost effective.
  • Minimal recurrence rate.
  • No surgical complications like incontinence, stenosis and stricture.