Special Treatments


Haemorrhoids/piles are dilated or swollen veins(low pressure blood vessels that return blood to the heart) under the rectum around the anal opening.


  1. External
  2. Internal
  • First degree prolapse
  • Second degree prolapse
  • Third degree prolapse
  • Fourth degree prolapse


In ayurveda, the management of haemorrhoids are carried out in  the below given four ways:-

  • Medical management (bheshaja chikitsa) 
  • Operative management (sastra chikitsa and application of ksharasootra) 
  • Application of ayurvedic kshara (kshara karma)
  • Cauterization or agnikarma 
Ayurvedic treatment and medicine for piles in calicut
  • It is simple, safe, and painless.
  • It is just 30 min OT ambulatory process.
  • No major surgical incision or excision is required.
  • Patient can maintain his/her regular life style or routine work.
  • Very high success rate (95%-98%) has been reported.
  • Cost effective.
  • Minimal recurrence rate.