Special Treatments


Kushta is the most common type of infections. It is  affected by people of all ages.  There are limited statistics only to prove the exact frequency of skin diseases in the country. In general, 10-20% of patients try to find medical advice while experiencing skin diseases.


  • Psoriasis, Eczema, Lichen planus, Urticaria, Leucoderma, Pimples, Dandruff, Wart
  • Skin discolorations, thickening and cracks
  • Different allergies
  • Diseases because of incompatibilities of food and regimen
  • Diseases as a result of decreased immunity
Traditional Ayurveda Treatments in Calicut for Skin Diseases


 Maha Kustha and Ksudra Kustha are the two type of Kustha .According to the tridosha theory of Ayurveda unhygienic conditions, irregular dieting affects vata, pitta and kapha. It may result in diverse skin diseases. Always, Ayurveda treatment goes to the starting place of the problem.

KMCT Ayurveda method of cure comprises examination of body, realizing doshik composition, understanding food and daily life, physical check of skin health etc.